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When Roofer and Adjuster Meet

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

When a disaster strikes, you most likely file an insurance claim and have your selected Roofer or Contractor conduct an inspection. Some Homeowners are in doubt whether to show their Insurance estimates to their Contractors. Here's what we always suggest: Let your Contractor Inspect your home first before you show your insurance estimate to them. AND LET YOUR CONTRACTOR HANDLE THE INSURANCE SIDE OF THINGS.

Usually after a natural event occurs, Insurance Companies are busy offering you estimates especially to those who are greatly affected. These inspections are sometimes precise and accurate and sometimes comprehensive. So your selected Contractor is eager to check what the Insurance Company provided you and what

things they cover for your claim.

So when you compare the two, a Contractor provides thorough inspections according

to their standards, they want what’s best for you and will become your advocate against your Insurance Company especially if they find more damage than is noted in your initial claim. Bear in mind that Insurance Adjusters are not Roofers, so technically, they may miss small details and will base their estimate on the coverage of the Insurance Company in your area.

So Contractors have one leg up on you. If you can find a Contractor or Roofer that will become your middleman against your Insurance Company then you have found the right one (APD Roofing). They ensure the claim covers the repairs they need to do, in the quality and time they need to do it. They will fight for that!

The most important thing you need to remember when needing a roof repair or roof replacements is to watch out for fly-by-night Contractors (those who come in, do the quick job, and then leave). They will rush through the job, do the estimated repair your Insurance only covers, cut through jobs to fit the repair within that estimate. Ultimately, you’ll end up paying out-of-pocket expenses.

We suggest instead, find yourself a reputable and trustworthy roofer who will advocate for you, negotiate your insurance claim, get the most money for the best repairs, and ensure you can rest easy while they do the work.


Lead Claims Consultant, IICRC Certified


Office Manage


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