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Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Though it may still be too early to worry about winter, remember that your roof is always at risk during the cold season. Considering the unpredictable nature of Texas winters, you must ensure that your roof is constructed to the highest standards in order to withstand any weather conditions. It is important to have a qualified roofing company such as APD Roofing inspect your roof before the cold season arrives. Before you call a contractor, try these simple winter roofing tips.


Ice dams form when water pools along the roof's margins during the winter. There is a possibility that water will back up under the shingles and enter your home. This can be prevented by keeping the heat out of your attic. To accomplish this, you need to include a channel under the shingles and along the ridge of your roof to provide sufficient ventilation. In order to prevent the melting of ice, you need to keep your roof at the same temperature as the surface.


Your guttersIf you want to prevent ice dams, you must keep your gutters clear and functional. Ice on your roof will melt as the temperature rises, causing the same problems you were trying to avoid by installing the extra ventilation system, unless the water is quickly drained through the gutters. You should install a gutter guard to prevent debris from clogging the water's path. Check if the gutter is working by pouring water into it and seeing if it goes directly into the catch basin.


Roofing flashingThe flashing is installed around chimneys, vent pipes, and valleys. In the most vulnerable parts of the roof, where leaks are most likely to occur, they close up gaps. Ensure that your flashing is properly sealed off to prepare your roof for winter. In case of damage or wear, replace the flashing immediately. If possible, replaster all flashings with plastic cement to ensure proper adhesion.


Winter is not just for you, but also for squirrels, raccoons, mice, and birds. You may find that they are looking for a warm place to get out of the cold and your home is a welcome relief. The most common way for them to enter houses is through the roof. Although it would be nice to have them in your home, they can cause serious damage, which might negatively impact your own. Check your roof for any damage that can allow them access.


As you prepare your roof for winter, if there are too many damaged sections, decide whether to repair them or replace them completely. You can hire a qualified roofer to assess the damage on your roof so you can make an informed decision. Make sure that the local roofing company you hire to install your roof is reputable so your roof will be able to withstand any weather.

Contact us today. We’ll assure you of a quality roof and get you ready for Winter.

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