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Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Though it may still be too early to worry about winter, remember that your roof is always at risk during the cold season. Considering the unpredictable nature of Texas winters, you must ensure that your roof is constructed to the highest standards in order to withstand any weather conditions. It is important to have a qualified roofing company such as APD Roofing inspect your roof before the cold season arrives. Before you call a contractor, try these simple winter roofing tips.


Ice dams form when water pools along the roof's margins during the winter. There is a possibility that water will back up under the shingles and enter your home. This can be prevented by keeping the heat out of your attic. To accomplish this, you need to include a channel under the shingles and along the ridge of your roof to provide sufficient ventilation. In order to prevent the melting of ice, you need to keep your roof at the same temperature as the surface.