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In the aftermath of a disaster, dealing with damages, filing a Roof Insurance Claim, and coping with the aftermath can be one of the toughest and most challenging times.


After all, you have to not only ensure your property is safe for individuals to enter, you have to navigate the whole complexities of Filing an Insurance Claim that involves insurance adjusters, contractors like an expert within the specific form of roofing system that you just had, and in several cases your own insurance and mortgage companies.

Experiencing damages to your roof and your insurance roof replacement questions are far more complicated than navigating the insurance claim process, and follow-ups with adjusters and roofers who specialize in roofing claims you're dealing with.

When and How to Start Your Roof Claim? Look for Damage Right Away

Right after a disaster strikes, you should be checking the condition of your roof right away. And if you notice visible damages, leaks, and some other issues, make sure to get in touch with your Roofing Contractor to inspect and conduct checkups. It does not matter if you think your roof is not showing signs, it’s still important to get it checked and only Contractors can see and uncover them.

What Type of Roof Damage Should You Look For?

Common damage is usually caused by strong winds and hail storms (not to mention tornados and hurricanes). Check if shingles are blown off by the wind, irregular shared shingles, or leaks in the interior of the home. Make sure to check your Insurance Policy and speak with your local Roofing Contractor soon after a natural disaster strikes. Always remember that the insurance claims process can take a very long time and it involves lots of paperwork, follow-ups, and a huge amount of time, but the public adjuster and your selected roofing team can be your shoulder through the process.

Document All Roof Damage – And Do It All the Time

Document, Document, and Document.

When you have a major repair project, take detailed photos and videos. This way, it can help your insurance process go faster and your roofing team to thank you for. Keep in mind that it’s a great practice to take pictures of your home or property (including your roof of course) from different angles especially when a lot of repairs are going on. Make sure that the time stamps for the photos or videos are up to date. Document everything as much as you can, the more detailed you are, the more valid your claims will be. Your Roofing Contractor will be your arbitrator since they know where the weak spots are in your roof or any other damages.

With the documentation you have collected, it’s much easier to process your Roof Insurance Claim. This will help you determine the estimated cost associated with the repairs and make your insurance claim worthwhile.

Contact a Public Adjuster or Roofing Company With Your Insurance Company

You might want to start talking to your Public Adjuster or a Roofing Company with your Insurance Company. That being said, Insurance companies have limitations on how long you can wait after a major issue or damage to your roof to submit a claim.

Keep A Copy of Your Roof Insurance Policy and your Warranty on Hand

You should always have a current copy of your Insurance Policy, the contact information of the public adjuster, and the information of your selected Roofing Company. In this way, it will help you determine what damages are covered, limitations set by the Insurance company, and most likely lay out exactly what is covered and what is not. Please keep in mind that when you file a roof damage claim, your Insurance Company has its own Adjuster to inspect the extent of your claim, thus deciding the amount or your roof repair cost or replacement cost. This is another reason that you need to talk to your selected Roofing Company before the Insurance Company so that you can be prepared with their inspection and their results.

You should also be aware of your roofing warranties. Both the manufacturer’s warranty (materials) and the workmanship warranty (in case of damage has resulted in faulty workmanship)

How to Ensure Your Insurance Company Pays Out Your Claim

If you have major disaster damage, you become anxious to get it repaired or fixed. So, the first person you need to get in contact with is your selected Roofing Company and your Insurance Agent. You need to be aware that the recoverable depreciation, roof age, and the Insurance Company can withhold depreciation or part of your payout to make sure that you actually do the work on your roof with the money they issued especially if the property’s roof is not a total loss.

If your selected roofing company gives you an estimate more than your insurance payout or vice versa, they most likely missed something in the scope of work and you’ll need them to revise the estimate to fit accurately with your needs.

So what if your Insurance Company denies your claim? You can appeal with the help of a Public Adjuster.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor with Insurance Expertise

If your insurance claim is fully covered or partially covered by your existing insurance policy, you’ll have the money to do repairs on your roof or replace it completely with a brand-new roof. Always feel free to ask other options or other roofing companies for estimates to get the best value and quality of work.

Need to Share Your Insurance Information with Your Contractor?

You might want to inform your contractor of a possible payout before they create an estimate so that they are aware of your budget and can advise you thus making sure they take advantage of the payout and charge you accordingly

Check the reputation of the Roofing Company you want to work with, check reviews on Google, Company’s Owner name, check listings on different sites, ask around your community or if it’s too much for you to do so, then GOOGLE your way in.

Contingency Contracts and Why You Should Avoid Them

These are offers to provide a free inspection report for your insurance company and an estimate for repairs, but they also commit you to work with the particular roofing company that provided the inspection and estimate. If you are in doubt and feel pressured, follow your guts. Always remember that a reputable contractor won’t ask you to sign anything, an estimate is always free of charge.

Roof Insurance Claim is a Long Process

A Roof Insurance Claim can feel like years to accomplish and sometimes takes you forever. Partnering with a reputable and trustworthy Roofing Contractor is very important. They will help you every step of the way, from documentation and paperwork to submit to your Insurance Company. They will become your advocate until your Roof is repaired, restored, or replaced.

Know that hail storms, wind storms, and other damages from natural disasters are all considered losses against your Insurance Policy, so be aware, follow all these steps, and work with your Contractors, and Insurance Company, to make the Roof Insurance Claim process as smooth as possible.

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