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Wheel of warranty, play today with Apd Roofing


So you're thinking you may need a new roof after the hail or wind storm damage? From earlier this year. From last year even? It's possible small damage could get denied. but it will just grow and get worse.


Your current warranty is probably just a year** 


** Workmanship warranty is a minimum 1 year per state law. 


With APD you can get an extended warranty with every roof we put on.


Contact us to find out more details.  And then soon the shingle wheel and get your extra warranty. 


Our purpose


Our primary purpose is to deliver an excellent experience of QUALITY Home repair, to our community.

Our secondary purpose is to support the homeowner with their insurance claim, each step along the way.


2412 Maplewood


Dr Ste 2-A Sulphur, LA 70663

(833) 766-3932

Our Services

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505 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E.

Houston, TX 77060

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(832) 617 6636

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2186 Jackson Keller Rd
Ste 1115 San Antonio, TX 78213

(726)-800 2411

5200 Carol Ave
Forth Worth, TX 76105

(214) 628 7766

Dallas - Fort Worth

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San Antonio

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