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Water Damage Restoration Process: What to Do

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Cleaning and stabilizing your home or business after suffering water damage can be an overwhelming process. Oftentimes, you are unsure of where to begin. Water damage can take many forms, from small leaks to full-blown floods. Water damage can all be remedied, therefore, it is imperative that you understand what to expect during the process.

Here are the Steps for the Water Damage Restoration Process:


Professionals assess the problem. There are different levels of water damage, and they depend on the number of porous materials exposed.

Level 1: Minimal absorption

  • Has less water, absorption, and evaporation. Generally, water evaporates easily. Those materials that take a long time to dry, such as carpets, walls, insulation, and ceilings, contribute to less than five percent of the affected area. At this level, the least water damage has occurred.

Level 2: Moderate water absorption

  • A substantial amount of water is absorbed and evaporated. Level two is worse than level one. Thus, almost 50% of porous materials, such as carpets, have been impacted by water.

Level 3: Extensive water absorption

  • This area has the most water, absorption, and evaporation. The amount of water affected by more than 40 percent is referred to as Level 3 flooding.

Level 4: The highest level of water damage

  • The most serious type of assessment. In other words, your property may take longer to dry and ventilate.


Then, you should devise a dry system as soon as possible. This may require the use of several dehumidifiers and dryers.

As soon as the initial standing water is removed, our job is far from over. With APD Roofing/Discount Dry Out team, we utilize the latest imaging cameras and moisture meters to ensure that your home or business has been properly dried.

Some people may believe they can remove standing water by using dehumidifiers. However, they overlook the more extensive damage moisture can do to drywall and even air ducts. Often, carpet must be replaced and mold must be removed. It is essential to control odors in this way.

The following items may need to be removed or repaired:

  • Walls and ceilings

  • Floors

  • Any type of upholstery or drapery

  • Pipes and ducts

  • HVAC systems


All of your personal belongings need to be sanitized. If not, it sets the stage for mold and bacteria to grow. Air scrubbers are used when it is necessary to remove moisture that may be present in the air.


This process is dependent on the damage involved. Many times, we have to replace the flooring, repair drywall, or disinfect the HVAC system.

DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. All work must be carefully and fully documented for insurance purposes.

Finding a reputable company is also important. Getting your property to a pre-disaster condition is your top priority. Look for a company that can do the restoration process and works with insurance to get the job completed.

Remember: When Water Damage Strikes, APD Roofing/Discount Dry Out Team gets you covered. We are ready to assist you with any job of any size. Having years of experience in the field, we are one of the best water damage restoration companies around. If you have water damage, you should seek immediate assistance. The more you delay, the more extensive the water damage will be. Contact us today for an estimate.


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