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Texas Hail Season: When and How to Prepare

In Texas, the hail season varies from year to year, but it usually falls between March and August.

In the midst of hail season, probably many of you are wondering, “When is hail season in Texas, and how long does it last?”. In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions about the hail season in Texas and how to prepare for it.

When is Texas's hail season?

It seems like a simple question, doesn't it? Well, we can't really compare Texas to other states because Texas is in a position to have crazy weather year-round, however, we can consider things like the ForeCAST REPORT, which indicates the amount of days that each state received hail.

How Can It Hail When It's Warm?

In the hottest months of the year, how can you create a huge ice ball? In order for us to answer that, you need to understand how hail is actually created.

Hail is more than just frozen rain. A frozen rain or sleet is rain that falls from the clouds and freezes before it reaches the ground. Meanwhile, hail is solid.

Hailstones are formed by layers and layers of water freezing together in a large clump. These hailstones grow bigger and bigger through a repetitive process.

1. The moisture in the air freezes high in the atmosphere where it can be nearly -40 degrees F. The small hailstone becomes heavy and tries to fall from the cloud.