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Updated: Mar 30

What You Need to Know About Mold

Mold can be a problem in your home, even if you can't see it or smell it. Mold and mildew infestations are common in humid climates. Various microscopic organisms can grow even in the desert Southwest. As a result, it may cause allergic reactions, and respiratory infections, and affect indoor air quality. Read on to learn more.

Why it Matters

Mold growth is primarily triggered by heat, humidity, and moist surroundings, so a leaky shower pan or a persistent drip should always be taken seriously. Spores are found under sinks and in laundry rooms. There is also the possibility of mold growing on the foundation of a home, on wooden decks, fences, or even on concrete or stone where there is poor drainage or where there is a dark, moist environment. In reality, it's the unseen mold that constitutes the threat. If your home smells musty, it might be that mold is growing and causing health problems as well as structural damage.