How to Spot Roof Damage - Professional Roof Inspection

Hail Damage. We all know that it's a natural phenomenon. It wrecks damages causing property loss and most especially a damaged roof. It affects your roof which is your investment.

What are you going to do if it hits your area or your property in the near future? Since you cannot prevent it, you can most likely determine, identify, and report the damages to a Certified Roofing Contractor and as well as check if you're covered by your Insurance for repair purposes. (Read more on for more tips in filing a claim)

APD Roofing can help you in filing a claim for roof damage

Let's get started. Here are signs to tell if your roof damage is caused by hail.

Exterior Damage

1. Bruises or Dark Spots

The most common way to tell if your roof is affected by hail is to check the appearance of the Shingle. When Hail hits your roof, granules of the Shingles are usually displaced. It creates dark spots on the shingle and granules have gone missing.

Usually, roofing contractors are the ones who can confirm these displacements and take a closer look. Your roof leak damage can be covered by insurance. (Recent Hail storms? Possible Hail Damage? Need Help?)

2. Curling Shingles

Shingles that curls tell us that they have been lifted by strong winds. It's an obvious sign of damages. Make sure you replace the damaged areas. And APD Roofing Contractors - shingle roofing company will apply cement to the curled edges and press the shingle to secure it.

3. Dented Gutters

Your home gutters can be damaged during bad weather. Even small hailstones can cause dents to the gutters and will decrease the functionality of the gutter itself. APD Roofing - top-quality roofing company is at your service.

Interior Damage

4. Water leaks

Leaks happen as a result of hail damage. If a homeowner fails to get this repaired, then leaks will occur.

5. Increase in Energy

Damaged holes caused by hail allow air to warm and cold air to leak. As a result, you work harder to stabilize the temperatures inside your home.

6. Mold Growth

When your roof leaks after a hail storm, moisture collects inside your home. You are not just having issues with your roof but also with mold. It grows around a leaky area and spreads throughout the entire room.

APD Roofing is the top-rated quality roofing services company that works with insurance claims.

Depending on the Hail size that hits your Roof, it will cause damage. Hail that is smaller than 1 inch can cause damage to the asphalt shingle. If the hail is the size of an egg (about 1-2 inches) then the damage becomes very visible on the shingles.

The Next Step you need to take

Now that you know how to tell if your roof was from hail damage:

1. Documents the details of the storm

Make sure to take note of the details of the roof damage. Record everything including the date. Take pictures so that it will be your basis for APD Roofing the 5 stars rated roofing company or roofing contractor and the insurance company.

2. Consider filing a Roof Hail Insurance Claim

If the damage caused by the hailstorm, there is a big chance that you may need to replace your roof. Get in touch with your insurance provider and report the damages. Your insurance company will establish if your roof is truly damaged. Then they will send out an insurance adjuster to check your home. Do not forget to show your documentation. This will provide proof of your roof being damaged.

3. Make an appointment with APD Roofing - the quality roofing contractor

it doesn't mean that if your roof doesn’t show signs of damage, it has no problems. For filing an insurance claim, you need a quality roofer like APD Roofing to help you with the process. We are here to help you. (check out our page on our website regarding claim service). And if you don't need to file a claim, you still have someone to make sure your roof is in good condition. With that said, hire a professional roofer for inspection and to check if a repair needs to be done.

Don't be naive especially when it comes to hail-related roof damage. You must now know how to tell if your roof is damaged caused by Hails. Look for signs inside and outside your property. After noting the signs, contact APD Roofing - Top and best-rated roofing contractor, file an insurance claim most especially if the damage is clearly visible.


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