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How to Find a Leak in your Roof for Roof Repair Services

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Remember: Finding a leak in a roof may be the hardest part of fixing a leaky roof. Finding the actual spot where the roof leaks are even more difficult because water can enter the roof in one place and then goes down to another before it starts soaking into the ceiling. APD Roofing - the best and top-rated roof repair company is at your help.

You know the roof is bad if shingles are missing or obviously damaged, or when water stains the ceiling or walls. The goal is to find the leak before the entire roof goes bad. APD Roofing - one of the top-rated roofing contractor company carries out this task with expertise and due diligence.

APD Roofing- the quality services residential roofing contractors suggest rainy days are the best day to find the leak in your roof especially if you have an attic. And once you locate where the water drips, mark the area. But on a sunny day, the best way to find the leak is to get your water on the roof by using a hose or a garden spray or whichever watering tools you would like to use. Start with a small amount of water running through the area where you think the water seeps in. But if you still cannot find it, then it’s probably time to get a roofer out to help. Also here’s a list of alternative areas of the roof to check for possible points of water entry from APD Roofing - the quality roof repair services company :

● Boots, the rubber seals that are around the electric service and plumbing vent pipes, air vents, and exhaust fan flashing.

● Ridge cap

● Flashing

● Gaskets around pipes

● Damaged Shingles

● Gutters fasteners

● Dormer valleys

So if you have watermarks on the wall or on any other place in the interior of your home, then it’s time to get it checked. Visit our website at, email us at, or call us at 833 766 3932. We’ll find that leak together!


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