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Was my roof damaged by the hailstorm a few days ago?

I am a 50-year-old man living in San Antonio, Texas, who is planning his retirement, and I have noticed that several hail storms have affected my neighborhood, and some of my neighbors are carrying out roof replacements; these things alerted me to things that may be happening to my roof, but I was unaware of them.

APD Roofing was replacing the roof of the next-door house, so I decided to talk to one of the roofers about what was going on:

  1. Hail storms cause all roofs to lose granules, affecting the integrity and longevity of the roof.

  2. It is possible to need the entire roof replaced if your roof shows clear evidence of hail damage. When you file an insurance claim, the insurance company will assign an adjuster to inspect your roof to assess the amount of hail damage on each roof slope, and based on his findings, it will be able to determine whether the roof needs to be repaired or completely replaced.

  3. After several hail storms, the age of your roof plays an important role since older roofs are more prone to hail damage.

  4. Other factors include the size of the hail, the type of shingles, and the severity of the storm.

  5. Hail damages are often not visible from the ground and require a roof specialist to climb your roof and inspect it carefully. You can also check other areas such as your windows screens, your downspouts, gutters, fence boards, or your cars. There's a good chance that you have roof damage too if you notice damage to these areas.

  6. Hail damage to a roof that leaves a mark is called a bruise or fracture. Although the damage is not a particular color, you may notice that the asphalt underneath the granules is darker or black. In some cases, the circular dent created by the granules will fracture as they are pushed into the asphalt. Additionally, you'll be able to see the asphalt beneath the granules.

Following my conversation with the roofer from APD Roofing, I allowed them to inspect my roof. They shared with me some photos and videos to demonstrate the roof conditions and they also provided me with a roof inspection report. I used the report to file a claim with my insurance provider.

An adjuster was assigned by my insurance company, and my claim was approved and my roof was replaced.

You may contact us at 833.766.3932 if you are experiencing similar problems and are unsure how the roof is doing.

"The entire process was very smooth. Luis is a great person to work with. I highly recommend APD roofing and will definitely contact them for any future needs for roof repair and gutter installation..."

ATUL DUBEY | San Antonio TX


Director of Operations

Lead Claims Consultant, IICRC Certified Technician

APD Roofing

April Cumbalon

Marketing Assistant

Office Manager

APD Roofing


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