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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The Roofing Project is time-consuming. So when it comes to Roof Repair, we need to consider weather-related issues. It’s the biggest factor we need to think of before scheduling a Roofing Project.

Rainy Season. This is an impossible and most difficult time to start your roofing project. Sometimes the waiting may last for days or even weeks for the weather to dry up for them to start working again. So unless you are absolutely sure that the weather to be clear for at least 3-5 days, try to hold off on a roof repair project during the rainy season.

Snowy Season. This is also another time to try and avoid roof repair. Since roofers often have to be steady on angled decking and tall ladders, the smooth roof surface, especially with metal roofing, can become a critical path of danger. Even flat roofs can be dangerous for workers to handle. Additionally, sudden snowfall can also delay your roofing project. So make sure to minimize the need to schedule a roof repair in winter. Generally, late December to early March is the snowy season. So it’s a good idea to not schedule your roof repair project during this period unless absolutely necessary.

The temperature for a Roofing project is usually between May to October. Although there may be light rain and can slow down the roof repair project during late summer,

it doesn’t stay long. So for good quality results, try to schedule your roof repair projects from late spring to mid-summer.

Availability for a Roof Project:

  • Supply Availability - materials deliveries or unavailability can only slow down the whole roof repair process. So make sure that your Roofer or Contractor has enough time to order the materials ahead of time.

  • Contractor/Roofer Availability - During the peak season, most roofers/contractors have a tight schedule. That’s why we need to commonly wait two to three weeks to receive an assessment of your roof.

  • Repair Crew Availability - When you schedule a roofing project, you also need to think of crew availability. Roofers/Contractors have a few numbers of crew. So if you hold up the schedule of your Roof repair, the longer you have to wait for the availability of the crews’ schedule.

  • Level of Urgency - Your Roofer can always determine if there’s a need for urgency. If you have roof leaks and some other major damages, then you have to focus on that before any repair is needed.

  • Distance - How far the crew has to go to your property and do the project can definitely affect when it gets scheduled.

To make the most of the temperate weather, lower the risk of rain and hail, and prepare your home for winter, it may be ideal to schedule your roof replacement or repair for fall. With the temperatures cooling off from summer, yet still warm enough to ensure proper sealing, fall continues to be the most popular time of year to replace roofs in North Texas.

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