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Certified Roof Claims Specialist

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Did you know insurance companies require you to preserve your property and protect it from further damage? If you don't do this they can deny your claim. 
Tarping your roof to prevent further damage to the inside of the house. Let us help you handle your claim properly. Schedule us today.

Fixing the Roof


A minor roof leak is as important to watch out for to prevent major damage to your roof and interior of your home. Getting it checked will avoid future roof repairs. This will also protect you when you file a roof insurance claim. So keep it documented for an easier process.

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Getting your roof checked once a year will maintain the roofing conditions in good shape. This will help you prevent future and unexpected roof damages. Contact us to get scheduled for a roof inspection. and our roofing specialist will be more than glad to assist you. We will provide you the best recommendations based on your roofing needs.

Grey Roof Tiles


Looking for a reliable and certified roofing contractor? With the utmost and skilled experience for your next project? At APD Roofing, we stand by the quality and excellence of work. We give our Customers more personalized attention based on their roofing needs. Don't waste any more time. get in touch with us for a free consultation.


If you don't get your gutters cleaned on a regular basis then they will lead you to more serious and major problems. Consider cleaning your gutters today. Our team is ready to assist you and with other types of roofing projects to keep your property in top shape.

Roofers at Work


Do you need a full roof replacement? We can assist from the asphalt shingles on the roof sheathing and all the layers between. And we can even quote you within hours of your request.

Climbing a Ladder

Don't Chance It - Hire A COVID-19 CDC Guidelines Compliant Roofer



At APD Roofing, we take your family and your well being very seriously. We have not only taken recommended precautions, but added a layer of our own processes to help protect both you and our staff. 

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