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Why Roof Quality is your Top Priority

A new roof comes with several factors that will influence its value, so you should also consider them when you think about investing in one.

The importance of certain aspects differs from one aspect to the next. Now the question is... When thinking about buying a roof, what factors should every homeowner consider most carefully?

Clearly, it’s QUALITY. Regardless of which company you choose, their level of experience, the skills or certifications they possess, and how well they perform as a contractor, it will all be a deciding factor in determining their capabilities and how well they work, thus the level of quality and expertise they can deliver.

Remember – Quality Should be your Priority... Always!

Getting a new roof is one of the most expensive projects, considering that the roof protects your belongings and, most importantly, your family. This is why dealing with the quality of a new roof is so important.

We have outlined a few of the important factors to consider when choosing a roofing company that will deliver quality work when replacing a roof.

1. Excellent Quality Roofing Materials.

It is important to understand that roofing materials differ. Each shingle manufacturer offers a different warranty that these materials will stand the test of time. You should know what material to use for your roof. Although some consumers may not consider this, with the right contractor who understands how equally important it is to have a high-quality roof to protect your family, you will be on the right track.

2. Manufacturer Installation Certifications.

The importance of getting high-quality shingles cannot be overstated. Before installing shingle materials on your roof, manufacturers have certain standards that need to be followed. The quality of the material is lost when it is installed by an unqualified roofer. You can have the best quality shingle, only to have leaks and damages after 1, 2, or 3 years, putting your family at risk. A certified roofer who knows quality, durability, and is trained to install the product they recommend (examples of quality asphalts: GAF, Certified, Owens Corning, IKO, Tamko, and Bituminous Pavement).

3. Buying a Complete Roof System.

Roofs are not only durable and effective with shingles and nails, but with the entire roofing system. What are these?

A. Underlayment/Sheathing - this is the material between the roof deck and the shingles

B. Ice and Water Shield - used in most vulnerable areas of the roof (chimneys, roof vents, plumbing vent pipes, and skylights)

C. Proper Ventilation - this allows proper airflow to the house

D. Starter Shingles - these shingles hold the edges of the roof and prevent shingles from blowing off in case of strong heavy winds and storms. Need to make sure the Contractor installs this.

E. Ridge Cap Shingles - it is a material or covering applied over the ridge of the roof or the hip of the roof where two slopes meet

F. High-Quality Lifetime Shingle - of course, this will complete the look, quality, and durability of your roof for a lifetime.

A high-quality standard approach to your roof would be far better than getting a bargain for your money and a whole lot of regrets in a few years.

4. Roof Warranty. In shingle warranties, there is usually a short period of 100% coverage (ex. 10 years), after which the coverage is prorated, which means that the coverage gets less as the shingles age. Before a new roof is installed or replaced, it is important to understand the warranty coverage.

5. Well Trained and Professional Installers. Look for Roofers with more experience in this field. A roofer who provides quality work is knowledgeable about insurance claims and knows the workarounds for getting a new roof without hurting your wallet.

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