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The FAQs for Wet Insulation

Here are some commonly asked questions:

Is it possible to waterproof insulation?

Yes; and basement insulation, in particular, should be waterproofed. Waterproofing can also be beneficial for crawl spaces. There's a difference between "encapsulating" and "insulating" an area like a crawl space; what you need depends on plumbing, flooring, and other factors. If you're building a new property or renovating an existing one, we can provide waterproofing services for you.

Does mold die if it gets dry?

The answer is no. Mold can lie dormant for some time if a moisture source is removed, but as soon as moisture is reintroduced, it grows and spreads. In any form, mold is dangerous; it must be eliminated and prevented.

What can cause the insulation to become wet?

Roof leaks are a leading cause of wet insulation. Roof leaks can be silent and do a great deal of damage before you realize they are happening. Other causes of wet insulation include:

  • Seepage of air (windows, doors, siding gaps, cracks on the exteriors)

  • Moisture in the ground (basement/crawl space insulation)

  • Leaky plumbing

  • Snow (it can literally blow into the insulation from an outside vent)

When you realize your house is at risk of wet insulation, consult a professional for advice. Newly built home? It shouldn't be a problem if your home was built right. Contractors use insulation experts to ensure that new homes are equipped with dry, safe insulation.

What is the best way to dry out a damp attic? Is wet insulation required to be replaced?

When you have an attic problem and your insulation becomes wet, start the fan to begin drying it out. If, after two days of nonstop fanning and drying, you still find dampness on, in, or around the insulation, you've performed every DIY you can. When that happens, it's time to contact your local insulation professionals. We'll find a way to save money and salvage your insulation if it's possible.

Does wet insulation grow mold quickly?

Mold begins to grow between 24 and 48 hours after your insulation gets wet.

What is the cost of repairing or replacing wet insulation?

There is no simple answer, but it depends. A variety of factors contribute to the deterioration of insulation, including the amount of moisture and the type. You must address the problem of wet insulation, no matter how expensive or how easy a fix is. You must act quickly to prevent structural damage from becoming even more expensive.

Here are some other things to know about wet insulation:

  • In addition to providing better water defense, closed-cell foam insulation also provides better insulation near exterior walls and roofs.

  • The open-cell foam insulation is great for indoor use, but if exposed to moisture outside, becomes like a sponge.

  • Wood fiber insulation absorbs water like a sponge and compromises surrounding structures (such as your roof).

Is wet insulation dangerous?

Yes, absolutely. In addition to the potential for costly damage to your property, wet insulation can lead to serious health problems as it encourages mold growth, which reduces your indoor air quality. People with asthma or the elderly need good indoor air quality.

What’s the best insulation?

As with any investment, insulation increases your property's value. Because different insulation products have different advantages and disadvantages, there may be more than one type of insulation that is suitable for your home.

  • Cellulose – Made from 80% recycled materials, this is an environmentally-friendly choice.

  • Fiberglass is easy, energy-efficient, and popular. Fiberglass provides a good sound barrier and promotes better indoor air quality.

  • Radiant barrier – The best option for soundproofing.

  • Spray foam – creates a very tight seal.

Call on the Insulation Experts in Texas

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