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The Claim Game: Winning at losing

Insurance claims are growing a part of the roofing industry. A certified roofing contractor understands how a claim is essential for their customers – not only after a storm has passed. We speak the language of insurance and we assist our customers through the confusing path of homeowner insurance claims.

Don’t make any mistake of contacting your insurance company and filing a damage claim if a storm has passed and everybody is doing it. We always inform our customers to have their roofs inspected by a knowledgeable roofing contractor for wind or hail damage. It's important to verify your loss and document damages before you open a claim. An unnecessary claim also can go against your insurance if it's denied.

You should always be aware of your deductible! Some insurance companies use a percentage deductible for roofing. If that's the case, make sure that your roof damage warrants a full roof replacement and not a repair. Generally, you'll be eligible to receive a roof replacement but will need a knowledgeable contractor to represent you with the insurance adjuster. It's always helpful to have a contactor on-site during the roof inspection by the insurance company (Step 3 on how to process an insurance claim).

Just because a hail or wind storm has not affected your home recently, it doesn't mean you don't have any damage! We are ready to determine if every natural disaster has harmed your home. If we recognize any hail or wind damage to your home, we make sure that the damage meets your insurance company’s criteria and will fit your finances! Hail damage and wind damage can occur unbeknown to the property owner! We speak the language of insurance and can help you to determine if that damage will support filing a claim.

Most people see the claims process as a maze with no easy way towards the center. The fact of the matter is, we find ways to make it easy for our customers thus the insurance companies. Here are some tips we'd like to share for all Homeowners:

  • Know whether you've got an RCV (replacement cost) or ACV (actual cost) policy!

  • Know what your deductible is!

  • Understand that an insurance estimate is an “estimate.” This amount is determined by a professional contractor and can still change.

  • You have the right to select your own contractor

  • You don't need three estimates!

  • Select a contractor who can provide a “lower estimate” than the insurance company because then, the insurance company will lower its estimate as well.

  • The homeowner cannot keep this money.

  • Verify that any contractor is licensed with the TN Board of Contractors

  • Verify that any contractor you're hiring may be a member of the BBB

  • Confirm that they're certified with the roofing manufacturers – like GAF, Carlisle, CertainTeed.

  • Make sure that the contractor can complete the work!


Lead Claims Consultant, IICRC Certified

Lead Claims Consultant, IICRC Certified

Lead Claims Consultant, IICRC Certified

LedClaims Consultant, IICRC Certified