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Roof Tune-Up: The New Year's Resolution to avoid Roof Repair

Most New Year's resolutions are about bettering yourself (eating better, getting more exercise, etc.) But now is a good time to also think about improving something that protects your home and family: your roof.

To keep your roof in tip-top shape, we recommend a roof tune-up.

What's a roof tune-up?

A roofing tune-up is like regular maintenance on your car - it helps you catch small problems before they become big disasters.

Here's an example: one had record-breaking rain this past storm season. The downpours unearthed a lot of problems homeowners didn't even know they had. As a result of that we, and other roofers, were flooded (pardon the pun) with inquiries.

Many people had to not only repair their roofs but also repair their homes where water had invaded.

If those homeowners had gotten a roof tune-up before the storm hit, they could have found and fixed the problems ahead of time.

What our roof tune-up includes

Here are just a few things we do as part of our roof tune-ups:

  • Talk with you about the history of the roof to discover any current problems you know about

  • Evaluate your roof's condition, even look at the interior of your home and attic to find evidence of leaks.

  • Clean the entire roof and drains of loose debris.

  • Check for potential problems posed by nearby trees.

  • Repair and reseal all roof penetrations (vents, drains, skylights, etc.) as needed. These are common sources of leaks.

  • Review wall and curb flashings and repair them, if needed.

  • And much more. (Contact us for more info.)

Plus, in the end, you'll get a detailed report with photos that show the overall condition of your roof and any recommendations we have for you.

"But do I really need a roof tune-up?"

No. Just like you don't really need to take your car in for regular maintenance or go in for regular doctor checkups, you don't need a roof tune-up.

If, however, you'd rather be safe than sorry, a roof tune-up is a great idea. That way you won't have to call a roofing contractor for help the next time a crazy storm or wind rolls through.

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