Roof Maintenance 101: Why Maintenance Matters

Updated: May 5

For some Homeowners, roofs are a major example of “out of sight, out of mind.” But maintenance is important if you would like to keep the rest of your home in good condition. Don’t make emergency spending for roof repairs a habit. Use your budget and perform inspections and preventive roof repairs to avoid big expenditures. At APD Roofing, we offer quality roofing services for your needs.

Regular roof inspection and maintenance help you save time, and headaches in four ways:

1) More time between replacements.

The biggest reason to maintain your roof is to extend the roof’s life, which offers many advantages. Roof technologies have improved over a couple of decades, so it’s not unreasonable to expect a lifetime of 20 years from a properly installed and maintained roof. Without maintenance, the expected lifetime is more like 10-15 years – and if you’re getting to occupy your building longer than that, the value of recovering or replacing your roof 5-10 years early will add up quickly. Check out APD Roofing the top quality roofing service roofing company blog about When do you need a Roof Inspection.

2) Avoid structural damage.

Roof leaks lead to rusted steel or rotting wood that can compromise your facility’s structural integrity, requiring a costly fix. Check our blog for Roof Leaks.

3) Preserve your building’s interior.

The contents of your home are probably worth more than the cost of a roof repair. What happens if water drips on a computer or server rack shorts out? How much data could you lose? Material damage and the cost of lost opportunities can both be avoided by keeping your roof leak-free with maintenance.

4) Reduced hassle and liability.

When water comes in, the typical solution is to put out trash cans to catch the drips. But containers clog hallways, and in a retail setting, the