Hail damage by size: Types of hail that cause the most damage

The early March to August months in Texas bring us storms and hail damage that can do a lot of damage to our homes.

There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes of precipitation that may occur, from tiny pellets to destructive chunks of ice falling out of the sky that are the size of grapefruits. It is obvious that the larger the hail, the more damage it causes. The most damaging hailstones are those that are the size of ping pong balls or larger.

Don't underestimate the little guys, though. The National Severe Storms Laboratory predicts that a marble-sized chunk of hail will fall at roughly 20 mph. Despite repeatedly being hit by a 20-mph hard object, a roof or other structure can still sustain damage if parts of it are repeatedly struck.

What types of hail are there?

These are some documented hail sizes that have caused havoc in Texas over the years:

Peas are 1/4 inch in diameter

Marbles/mothballs are 1/2 inch in diameter

A dime/penny has a diameter of 3/4 inch

Nickel equals 7/8 inch

A quarter is equal to one inch

Ping-Pong ball is 1.5 inches in diameter

1.75 inches is the diameter of a golf ball

Tennis ball is 2.5 inches in diameter

The diameter of a baseball is 2.75 inches

A tea cup is 3 inches tall

A grapefruit is 4 inches tall

The diameter of a softball is 4.5 inches

Your property is most vulnerable to damage when hail the size of a quarter hits it. You should inspect your property for hail damage after a storm with this size of hail. Contact us at 833.766.3932 to come out and do a professional assessment of your property.

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