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Emergency Roof Repair: Patching and Tarping

You’ve come home from a long workday, and you discover that a tree limb has fallen on your roof, puncturing it. Just what you wanted to come home to. You’re thinking through the steps you have to take: getting photographs, contacting your insurance agent or landlord, checking for other damage. Then you look at the weather forecast: rain is on the way tonight. Beautiful. When it rains, it pours, they say. You need to get your roof covered fast to prevent further damage. But right now you need an emergency roof repair to hold you over until the professionals can deal with the problem.

You don’t want to add water damage to the problems you already have, and neither does your insurance company. In fact, they’ll be asking you how quickly you can get a temporary roof repair in place. So what’s the solution? This may be an extreme situation, but there are many reasons you would need to make a temporary roof repair. Roof leaks can develop when flashing or the seal around a vent fails. Your roofing specialist may need to wait a few days or even weeks for materials to arrive, especially if they are custom shingles.

A storm may have damaged a lot of roofs in the area, and all roofing contractors are booked for weeks out. Or maybe you experience this spate of roofing bad luck before a holiday weekend. One of the major reasons for needing temporary roof repair is for you to get your finances in order to afford the major roof repairs you may need. Whatever the reason, learning to tarp a roof is an important skill to have.

Temporary roof repair is a must if you find yourself with a breached roof and incoming precipitation of any sort.

Here are some handy tips: