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Common Hurricane Roof Repairs

Hurricane is a type of storm which forms over tropical or subtropical waters. When a storm's maximum sustained winds reach 74 mph, it is called a hurricane. The deadliest hurricane record is a category 4 which hits Galveston TX on Sept 1900. It is posted as the greatest threat in Coastal areas. Hurricanes strike on low underprivileged areas. With low-quality materials into the homes and people with lesser means are less likely to purchase insurance beforehand.

Here are the common roof repairs after a hurricane makes landfall.  Roof Leaks

This is the common threat homeowners usually have to face. But on the brighter side, there's less reason for you to worry if you had your roof inspected and are on top of your roof maintenance. Issues like damaged or cracked shingles may allow water to seep through your roof and may cause interior damage. Missing, Cracked, Broken, or Loose Shingles

Since hurricanes are accompanied by strong winds, this may cause damage to your roof. It is especially dangerous to tiles or shingles which are old and unsecured and could lead to fractures on the roof. We suggest getting in touch with your local roofer as soon as you find your roof is not the same anymore. Don't wait till it becomes worse. Roof Damage/Clogged Gutters from Fallen Debris

Debris or falling branches can cause damage to your roof. Not only that, but it will also clog or displace your gutters and downspouts. Strong winds can take down trees and electrical posts. If you hear on the news that winds and rain will last longer than expected, take time to check the condition of your gutters as well. You can always call a professional to provide cleaning and repair services. Staying up to date on your roof maintenance and repairs can make a difference when a natural disaster strikes. Always be prepared. For more information on any roof repair, gutter cleaning, and such, contact us at or call us anytime at +1 833-766-3932. We offer services like tarping, roof repair (roof leaks, shingle replacement), handling Insurance claims after the storm, and exterior repairs like gutter and siding. We'll be here for you. 

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